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LA’s Fashion District: Why You Should Care

When people think about the very best in high fashion, the scenes that often come to mind involve supermodels, runways, and either New York City or Paris. But, there is another major powerhouse in the fashion industry – the LA Fashion District.

Spanning 100 blocks of DTLA, it’s the largest apparel hub on the West Coast consisting of over 4,000 businesses, 1,500 showrooms, and a whole lot of ingenuity. Beyond hosting LA Fashion Week, which shines a light on development and progress of DTLA, the District helps burgeoning designers and entrepreneurs build their businesses and brands. The economic impact is immense. And, in addition to all that, it’s just a way to have fun in DTLA! If you find yourself visiting this historic district, here’s what you’ll see…


Colorful clothes on clothing rack

*image from LA Fashion District’s Facebook

The majority of business that is done in the area is on the wholesale side. The wholesale vendors and designer showrooms make up about 80 percent of the LA Fashion District. Thousands of wholesale businesses line the streets. Additionally, five times a year, the District hosts the LA Fashion Market, which connects wholesale buyers and retailers all over the world to the hottest designers and latest collections. It’s worth noting that the majority of these vendors and showrooms are for trade-only.


Colorful clothes on clothing rack

*image from LA Fashion District’s Website

Textiles are big business in DTLA! For designers and craft lovers, the Fashion District is a mecca. In fact, it has the largest collection of textiles and notions in the United States with almost 200 retail and wholesale textile vendors. From the simple to exotic, whatever fabric, bead, trim, or other craft or home decor accessory you need is probably on the shelves of one or more of the LA Fashion District retailers. To take a gander at the massive selection, just make your way to the four-block area that’s between Olympic Blvd and 8th Street, and San Julian and Maple.

Santee Alley

busy santee street in downtown LA

*image from LA Fashion District’s website

For a more eclectic selection of products, make sure to hit up Santee Alley. The 3-block retail shopping path between Maple and Santee is known globally as the place to go for incredible bargains. This outdoor market is open to the public and home to more than 150 independent vendors and shops. With such a wide variety of deals that include discount clothing, accessories, toys, and beauty products, this is a must-see part of the LA Fashion District!

LA Flower District

pretty colorful flowers

*image from LA Fashion District’s Website

Along 8th Street is the LA Flower District. There are two major attractions within this area: The LA Flower Market and the California Flower Mall. The Flower Market is located on Wall Street and is the largest of its kind in the U.S. There is a fee for entry and access is limited, so make sure to check the website for information and hours.

The California Flower Mall is in the heart of the Flower District and boasts 45,000 square feet of flowers and plants from all over the world. Here, professionals and hobbyists alike can choose from over 50 vendors on any day of the week.

*image from California Flower Mall’s Website

Gallery Row in the LA Fashion District

pretty colorful flowers

*Image from LA Fashion District’s website

Art and culture are a big deal around these parts! The Gallery Row District in the heart of DTLA includes a plethora of galleries, theaters, museums, and public art installations. And, on the second Thursday of every month, there’s also an art walk that attracts thousands of people. It’s a great way to have some fun in DTLA! The Fashion District and Gallery Row intersect at Spring Street where there are nearly a dozen awesome art galleries.  

LA’s Fashion District is essential to both the fashion industry and the citizens of Los Angeles. Beyond the economic impact, it also just brings the community together. We should know – WREN Apartments is 10 minutes from the LA Fashion District!

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