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Great Nightlife Spots in South Park, LA
June 30, 2017

Great Nightlife Spots in South Park, LA

When it comes to nightlife, DTLA-ers know how to do it right! In true Los Angeles fashion, downtown bars and clubs are diverse, vibrant, and just plain cool. Thanks to an incredible downtown renaissance, neighborhoods like  South Park, LA have become a beacon for fun and entertainment. Since WREN is one of the few DTLA apartments that are in the middle of all the excitement, we’re here to help with some suggestions for living it up in LA when the sun goes down!  

1. Upstairs at Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel WREN Apartments South Park LA

*Image from Ace Hotel Upstairs’ Website

Tasty snacks and delicious craft cocktails are made even better at Upstairs, the Ace Hotel’s rooftop bar. How? You sip and munch while enjoying city skyline views, a rooftop pool, and epic fun like live music, DJs, and book release parties. This is a favorite of WREN apartments residents since it’s just a few blocks away from South Park Apartments.

2. Hyde Lounge

Hyde Lounge Near DTLA apartments

*Image from Hyde Lounge’s Facebook Page  

There is no better way to take in an LA game or a show!  We should know – Hyde Lounge is in the STAPLES Center, which is less than a mile from our DTLA apartments. With Hyde Lounge, you have access to three bars, comfy seating, dance hall and spectacular views right onto the STAPLES Center floor.

3. Nest at WP24 

The Nest WP24 DTLA Apartments

Incredible food, amazing drinks, and awe-inspiring views; that’s what you get when you head up to the 24th floor of The Ritz-Carlton to the Nest at WP24, the brainchild of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. Here, you the contemporary chinese cuisine that Puck is famous for, in a setting that embodies the glamour and sophistication of DTLA.

4. NIXO Patio Lounge

Luxe City Lounge in South Park LA

*Image from Luxe City Center Hotel’s Facebook

Located on the second floor the Luxe City Center Hotel, Nixo Patio Lounge serves up a wide variety of signature drinks, wines, beers, and food from a diverse menu. Whatever you choose to order, it will go really well with the posh ambiance and cool views of DTLA’s amazing architecture.  

5. Perch LA

PERCHLA near DTLA apartments

*Image from Perch LA’s Facebook Page

Our residents don’t have to go very from their DTLA apartments for an awesome Parisian experience. The 16th floor of the nearby Pershing Square Building is home to Perch LA, a small bistro inspired by a classic French style. It’s both rustic and upscale, and it features French bites, cocktails, live jazz, and DJs.

6. Elevate Lounge at Takami Sushi 

Elevate Lounge near DTLA apartments South Park LA

*Image From Elevante Lounge’s Facebook Page

This view-friendly spot boasts scrumptious robata (skewered, slow-grilled food), high-quality sushi, and specialty drinks. And, you get to savor all of it from 21 floors above the Financial District, one of many cool neighborhoods that surround our DTLA apartments, in the Elevate Lounge, an incredibly sleek and stylish ultra-lounge that perfectly marries indoor and outdoor spaces.   

7. The Standard

The Rooftop at The Standard DTLA

*Image from The Standard’s Facebook Page  

With locations all over the U.S., the Standard is probably the most familiar brand on our list. But, that doesn’t mean it’s like all the others. The Rooftop at The Standard DTLA offers panoramic views, a heated swimming pool, DJs, dance floor, plant sculptures, and a beer garden. Sounds like everything you could ask for in a DTLA rooftop party, doesn’t it?  

At WREN Apartments, we make it easy for residents to live, work, and play in DTLA. In addition to a vibrant neighborhood, our residents have access to DTLA apartments that meet all their wants and needs. Our community flourishes because we thought of everything!

We include a well-appointed business center and conference room for working, a private fitness center to promote healthy body and mind, and two indoor/outdoor rooftop decks for relaxing, entertaining, or just a breath of fresh air. Plus, there are several public transportation options around us. And, we can’t forget to mention that our homes balance style, comfort, and functionality. Basically, WREN residents have all they need right at their fingertips!

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