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Tips for Finding the Perfect Apartment in DTLA
May 1, 2017

Tips for Finding the Perfect Apartment in DTLA

Los Angeles is one of the greatest, most well-known cities in the world. It’s the main reason why we at WREN chose to open our luxury apartments in the wonderful neighborhood of South Park, LA. But, with great fame comes lots of apartment hunters, which might make you think that it’ll be hard to find an apartment. Don’t worry – it’s a lot easier than you think, especially with one of the greatest apartment communities in DTLA on your side ;). You just have to know how to do it right and where to look. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you find the right apartment in DTLA!

Get Familiar With Your Listing Sites

The internet is a beautiful thing, but it’s quite easy to go down a rabbit hole of random websites and offers. Try to find apartment listing sites that not only allow you to filter searches by your preferences, but also provide helpful details on the requirements of the apartment communities.

  • Craigslist is a veteran in the world of apartment hunting but is still one of the foremost sources of rental listings.

Craigslist Apartment Hunting

  • Also, Apartment Finder makes it a cinch to run a search and see exactly what kind of inventory is available for rent.

Apartment Finder

Prioritize Your Criteria

Another important part of our tips for finding an apartment in DTLA is prioritization. Apartment hunters in DTLA are all looking for different features of their apartment. Try to list out things that you absolutely need and those you really want, and organize the points by importance. These might be aspects such as your monthly budget, what kind of commute you can handle, or your minimum square footage preference. Once you have a good idea of what your deal breakers are, it’s super easy to weed out apartments that don’t meet your needs.

Narrow Your Focus

As you know, LA is not a small town. If you cast a net for all apartments in LA, you’re going to get back way more information than you can handle. Other blogs that provide tips for finding an apartment in DTLA don’t often mention doing research on individual neighborhoods. We believe you should really look for an area that really speaks to you and matches up with the criteria you listed out before.

Neighborhood South Park Apartments DTLA Apartments Downtown LA Apartments

For instance, many people are currently searching for a luxury apartment in South Park, LA because it’s a truly exciting and up-and-coming corner of town. And it’s no coincidence that WREN decided to call this corner of DTLA home.

Consider Your Comfort Level

Living in comfort means minimizing stress. This is especially true when it comes to your commute. If it becomes difficult for you to run errands or get to where you need to be because of LA traffic, it could affect your quality of life.

WREN is in South Park

WREN is in South Park because the area accommodates our residents so well. There’s no need to drive in order to pick up groceries, see a show or grab a bite to eat. Everything is a quick stroll away.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Renting an apartment is a big deal. You’re putting your time, money and effort into building yourself a new home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As an example, find out what amenities are available and if there are any leasing specials. Check and see if there is extra storage or parking. You need to be confident in the apartment choice you’re going to make.

The leasing managers at WREN are ready and waiting to answer all of your questions, no matter what they may be. Yes, renting an apartment is  a big deal, and at WREN we’ll make sure you’re confident in your choice to rent with us.

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Refine Your Search Methods

Of course, our tips for finding an apartment in DTLA have to go beyond just running searches online. The Web is definitely the #1 way of searching for and filtering through potential living options, but it’s not the only way. Depending on where you are, or if you’re deadset on a particular neighborhood, it may help to hit the pavement and start checking out communities first hand, maybe even take a tour or two. Sometimes, you can really get a feel for a neighborhood if you spend a day in it. Plan to devote some time getting acquainted with your top choices.

The leasing Managers at WREN

The leasing Managers at WREN are happy to give you a tour of our community and walk you through each of your options for floor plans at WREN. We’ll give you the lay of the land, just come on by during leasing hours!

Some of the Best Places Are Easy to Find

The best apartments are the ones that build community. This means that they are welcoming and they encourage you to put down your roots. At WREN, we want to do more than give you tips for finding the perfect apartment in DTLA, we want to provide the perfect DTLA apartment for you! 

It's what you've been lookin for

Our apartments in South Park, LA are conveniently situated in one of the most vibrant parts of the city, right in the epicenter of culture, art, and entertainment. In addition, we’ve created several different floor plans that are meant to fit the tastes of any apartment hunter.

It’s clear why WREN has quickly become a sought-after community in DTLA. We want everyone to experience Thoughtful Living – a balanced lifestyle and a true connection to where they live. That’s why we designed everything – and we mean everything – with our residents in mind. From apartment finishes to the amenities and social spaces, there is not one inch of our world that wasn’t inspired by our tenants’ needs.

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