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The Best Spots to Sneak in a Workout in South Park, LA

When looking for a place to call home, you have to make sure that your needs and wants will be met. Convenience is key when it comes to feeling like there’s nowhere else that you want to live. One thing that downtown dwellers often look for is easy access to workout spots. It’s important when you have a busy life and need to slip in your daily exercise routine. Fortunately, WREN Apartments is in the South Park neighborhood, which is incredibly accommodating to healthy lifestyles, and the fitness fiends at WREN know just where you should work out in DTLA.


SoulCycle gives you a full-body workout with only two pieces of equipment: you and a bike. In a candle-lit room, with an expert instructor and high-intensity music, you and other cyclists are given the inspiration and focus necessary to push your bodies to the max. It’s what SoulCycle calls a “cardio party” and a “meditative fitness experience”. It’s fun, unique and effective!


A Speedplay, you’ll get 60 minutes of high-intensity interval training utilizing activities such as rowing, running and resistance training. Speedplay trainers work hard at curating workouts that change often to ward off boredom and produce optimal results.


You can’t talk about where to work out in DTLA without recommending a good Pilates spot. Pilates+ has been serving the downtown area with Pilates and cycling classes for nearly a decade. If you like to get more personal attention from an instructor, this is where you want to be. The group sessions here are very small, or you can set up your own private class. 

Crossfit 213

CrossFit is one of the most popular workout methods in the world. As a blend of gymnastics, aerobics and lifting, it can be intense and challenging. But, Crossfit 213 creates an atmosphere that will make you feel welcomed and motivated. For many people, a less intimidating environment is important when choosing where to work out in DTLA.

Pure Barre

All over the country, you’ll find advocates for Pure Barre. This franchise has helped a countless number of women reach their fitness goals through ballet-inspired workouts. Don’t let this fool you into thinking you have to be a dancer, however. Classes are designed to help everyone at every level achieve a lean, strong and sculpted body.


YAS Fitness Center has started a whole fitness movement by combining indoor cycling and yoga techniques. For many, this is more than a full-body workout; it’s also a way to reduce pain and rectify health issues. So, if you’ve been wondering where to work out in DTLA that will incorporate methods for balancing both the body and mind, YAS is the answer.

City Athletix

We at WREN Apartments know that you might also be looking for the full gamut of traditional gym services and amenities. If so, City Athletix is your spot. Personal training is available as well as various fitness, cycling, Zumba and yoga classes that are offered throughout the week. Or, of course, you’re free to develop your own workout regimen on all their weight and cardio equipment. 


Some say Equinox has a bit of a spa-like atmosphere. The decor definitely gives it that kind of feel, but it also may be because they offer massages like a spa! Members here rave that this is where to work out in DTLA because of the fantastic abs, strength, cardio, yoga and spin classes. The equipment does tend to get pretty busy after hours, so it might be better to take a class when that time rolls around.

The Fitness and Yoga Center at WREN!

Can you imagine having access to a free gym that’s just seconds away from you? If you lived in WREN, you wouldn’t have to – it’d be a reality! WREN’s 2,700-square-foot Fitness and Yoga Center is available to all residents and is equipped with cutting-edge strength and cardio machines. Additionally, there’s yoga equipment and plenty of space for stretching and meditating. This area is open all day, every day so you have the power to choose when and how you exercise. Obviously, this not only takes the stress out of finding where to work out in DTLA, but also dealing with membership hassles!

At WREN, what matters to you, matters to us. For this reason, we pay close attention to what will promote an active and balanced lifestyle for our residents. An amazing location and onsite fitness center is just a part of the effort. Other amenities including a private onsite park, fully equipped resident lounge, business center and conference rooms, and a gorgeous pool, spa and cabana all encourage a well-rounded community that meets all your personal and professional needs.

Do you want to live in a community where you feel you really belong? Contact WREN Apartments today!