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WREN’s Apartment Amenities Perfectly Balance Your Wants and Needs

If you’ve looked for an apartment before, you might have heard this suggestion: Determine what apartment amenities you can and cannot live without. The problem with this is that, right off the bat, you’re sacrificing something you may want. Why should you make any sacrifices? At WREN, we believe you should never have to compromise your desire for comfort to live in an apartment. It’s is why our community includes all sorts of amenities that other DTLA apartments haven’t considered. At WREN, we make sure residents feel like they couldn’t live anywhere else. We’ve curated a perfectly balanced lifestyle, which is something we call Thoughtful Living. Here’s how we do it:

Pool and Cabana

WREN Amenity Pool and Cabana

It’s just a pool. No big deal, right? Actually, it’s kind of a big deal. In fact, out of all our apartment amenities, we’d say that the pool is one of the most spectacular. Not only is there 31 feet of climate-controlled water, there’s also a large Jacuzzi spa. And, the poolside cabana makes you feel like you’re a guest in a high-end resort. In addition to couches for lounging, there are TVs, microwaves, a food prep area, ceiling fans and – the cherry on top – a kegerator! It’s perfect for entertaining or just as a spot for de-stressing after work.

Outdoor Rooftop Decks 

WREN Amenity Outdoor Rooftop Decks

That’s right – there’s more than one rooftop deck for WREN’s upscale DTLA apartments. Our apartment amenities encompass two spacious indoor/outdoor decks with several BBQ grills and incredible views of the downtown LA skyline! It’s a great opportunity for getting to know your neighbors or, if you’re having your own private soiree, you can take advantage of one of the separate entertaining areas that include seating and fire pits.

Private Fitness Center

WREN Amenity Private Fitness Center

Everyone with a gym membership has probably felt that moment of dread right before having to leave the comfort of home to work out. Exercising with total strangers is not everyone’s cup of tea. If this is you then we’ve got a game changer for you! We have an onsite fitness center that is available 24/7. And, we’re not talking about an exercise bike in the corner of a small room. We have 2,700 square feet for stretching out, doing yoga, and feeling the burn using cutting-edge fitness equipment.

Business Center

WREN Amenity Business Center

If you’re a student or if you work from home, you’re going to love the business center. This area is set up with high-speed WIFI and consists of six private workspaces which helps to improve creativity and learning efforts. Additionally, there is a comfortable seating area for six and two TVs. And, most importantly, a coffee bar! It’s rare to find a community with apartment amenities that truly help you balance a busy work and personal life.

Private Executive Conference Rooms

WREN Amenity Private Executive Conference Rooms

In addition to the business center, our DTLA apartments also include two conference rooms that are ideal for meetings. Each fits up to six people and, in case you require space for some collaborative work, there’s also an open conference table that can accommodate eight people.

Two Luxurious Lobbies

WREN Amenity Two Luxurious Lobbies

Our social spaces are meant to be an extension of your home, and the lobbies are no exception. Both areas include cozy seating vignettes and boast open and modern designs that incorporate natural and soothing tones. Sip some coffee against the backdrop of a gorgeous green space, read a book by a dazzling fireplace or make use of a 24/7 concierge desk!

Resident Club Lounge

WREN Amenity Resident Club Lounge

As yet another extension of home, the Resident Club Lounge is the ultimate hangout spot. Here, you can fix some snacks in the full-service kitchen, relax in front of one of two TVs, or head out to the patio and throw some food on the grill. Or, if you’re looking for a bit more action, try a couple of games on our pool table or shuffleboard. WREN’s apartment amenities provide comfort and relaxation, while encouraging you to engage with others in the community.   

Onsite Private Park

WREN Amenity Onsite Private Park

Remember that green space we mentioned a bit ago? That would be the private park that acts as a sanctuary for residents of WREN’s DTLA apartments. As an oasis among the fast-paced and bustling environment of downtown, it is an ideal spot for an afternoon of reading in the sun, a game of fetch with the dog or just a quick break for some fresh air.  

Restaurant on the First Floor – First Draft TapRoom & Kitchen

You read that right – we share our building with a restaurant! Our residents don’t have to go far to savor some delicious bites, and craft beer, wine and cider at the First Draft Taproom & Kitchen. We totally understand if you consider this to be the piece de la resistance of the WREN apartment amenities!

As you can see, we do things just a little differently at WREN. We don’t pick just one lifestyle and expect you to adapt to it. We balance different tastes and ways of living so you can choose what is home for you. We create harmony between nature and urbanity, the modern and the traditional, style and functionality, and elegance and comfort. We work to simplify and enrich your life all at the same time. We promote Thoughtful Living by carefully balancing your wants and needs in everything we do at WREN.

Let us prove to you how special we are! Come check out WREN Apartments!

WREN Apartments | The 8 Best LA Day Trips

Los Angeles is considered one of the greatest cities in the world. Outside of being a hub of diverse culture, LA gives Californians the chance to discover many amazing landscapes in and around the city. And, you know that the weather is always spectacular, so any time is a good time for take a quick little day trip out of the city! WREN’s DTLA apartments are located in the South Park neighborhood, which has given us the opportunity check out the finest that the city, and the surrounding area, has to offer. For that reason, we’d like to share the best LA day trips that you should take as soon as you can!

1. Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Many people consider Catalina Island a top spot for leisure and entertainment. If you like adrenaline, take a ride on a zip line, parasail over the water or race a jet ski. If that’s outside of your comfort level, catch a fish, play a round of golf or get a massage at a spa. Of course, if it’s shopping and eating that tickles your fancy, Catalina’s got you covered there, too. These are just a few of the activities to experience, so you can see why Catalina is one of the best day trips out of LA.

2. Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is well known as a prime location for surfing and beach volleyball. The vibe is low-key, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a ton to do. Spend the day soaking in the sun on the beach, or rent a bike and ride The Strand, which is a 22-mile path along the coastline. While many are drawn here because of the beach, there are actually plenty of other things to check out. The upscale downtown area is home to several fine dining and premier shopping options.

3. Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear is included in the best LA day trips because it’s a small city with a wide range of awesome activities. It’s a little further out at, about 2 hours from our DTLA apartments, but it’s worth it. In the winter and spring, skiers and snowboarders love to conquer the more than 430 acres of perfect powder and amazing runs. If snow is not your thing, that’s okay. The lake offers visitors a seemingly unending amount of recreational fun.

4. Malibu


Without a doubt, you’re familiar with Malibu. After all, some of the world’s biggest celebrities call it home. But, that’s not the reason that Malibu made the list of the best LA day trips. It’s a surfer’s paradise, and there are some first-rate fishing and dining on the Malibu Pier. Plus, the sunsets here are legendary so you absolutely have to enjoy one while savoring food and drinks at The Sunset Restaurant on Zuma Beach.  

5. Newport Beach

Newport Beach

No matter when you visit Newport Beach, you’re sure to be there when a cultural, art or music event is going on. Also, there are many ways to be entertained beach-wise including renting a boat at Duffy Electric Boat Rentals. Or, go whale watching – you might be lucky enough to witness the migration of gray whales!

6. Griffith Park

Griffith Park

Our best LA day trips also include a public park in the city. Why? With 4,210 acres of natural and landscaped grounds, Griffith Park is one of the largest municipal parks in North America. Fortunately, for WREN residents, it’s about a 20-minute journey from our DTLA apartments. Despite its urban location, Griffith boasts a vast array of canyons, wildlife, plants and trees. Moreover, the hiking paths showcase gorgeous views that are not to be missed.

7. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll see why Santa Barbara is one of the best day trips out of LA. The downtown area is filled with urban wineries pouring their finest vino. There are so many that getting to all of them will be a challenge, so maybe think about taking a few trips to Santa Barbara. Plus, you might want some more time to hang out on the beach or try the delectable food and craft cocktails that are also in the area.

8. Palm Springs

Palm Springs has long been known as a playground for Hollywood celebrities. When you visit this vacation hotspot, you’ll find out why. Locals have a long history of maintaining and expanding Palm Springs as a relaxing getaway and paradise for visitors. Here, you have your pick of golf courses, pools, spas, resorts, shops and dining. Oh, and there’s hot springs!

At WREN, we make it easy for people to experience the best LA, both within and without. We work hard to accommodate our residents. In addition to our incredible South Park location, we provide a convenient living experience through expansive floorplans and high-end finishes, which make our apartments both incredibly functional and beautiful. We also include, among other amenities, a concierge service, bike storage, hobby room, pool, business center, and a private fitness center and park. There’s nothing like coming home to WREN after a totally epic day trip out of LA.

Want to see for yourself what it’s like to have so much at your fingertips? Come check out our DTLA apartments!