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WREN – Revolutionizing Apartment Life in DTLA

When you hear the phrase “DTLA apartments” or “apartments in DTLA” what immediately comes to mind? If you’re thinking of teeny-tiny domiciles in overcrowded buildings that provide little to no lifestyle benefits or amenities, you clearly haven’t been in DTLA in a while. Things are really changing around here. At WREN, we’re revolutionizing the way DTLA-ers experience life in their apartments. We strictly abide a philosophy called Thoughtful Living, which means we work to provide a balanced lifestyle in each and every aspect of our community. Everything at WREN’s DTLA apartments is centered on the needs and wants of residents – everything  you could ever want or need, and nothing you don’t. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Here are a few of the ways that WREN is revolutionizing apartment life in DTLA.  

Residents Stay Connected With Their Neighbors Through Community Events

Gone are the days of never meeting, or even running into your neighbors in your DTLA apartment. At WREN, the staff work really hard to make sure there’s always something fun happening around the community that allows residents to meet and mingle with their neighbors.

Food Truck Tuesday’s

LA is where the food truck powder keg was initially sparked, and these days you can’t go more than a couple blocks without coming across one. As a special treat for residents, we welcome some of the best DTLA food trucks to park their wheels at WREN Apartments every Tuesday night. Read our blog on the subject to check out some of the previous trucks that have stopped by.

burnt to a crisp DTLA foodtrucks

Surfin Sumo DTLA foodtrucks

Slangin Corea DTLA foodtrucks

HOWL-O-WEEN dog costume contest

Yes, you read that correctly. WREN is a dog friendly community, through and through, which is why we recently hosted a costume contest for the Dogs of WREN to help our residents celebrate Halloween and encourage some of the pups to become pals. Take a look at some of the costumes below.

HOWL-O-WEEN dog costume contest at WREN Apartments DTLA 1 HOWL-O-WEEN dog costume contest at WREN Apartments DTLA 2 HOWL-O-WEEN dog costume contest at WREN Apartments DTLA 3 HOWL-O-WEEN dog costume contest at WREN Apartments DTLA 4 HOWL-O-WEEN dog costume contest at WREN Apartments DTLA 5

Luau Party

Nothing like a little hawaiian spirit and some good company to help you enjoy your summer in DTLA. The Luau party was just a quick event we threw together so our residents could get a chance to meet each other and chow down on some yummy grub, but it’s just another example of the sort of resident events we host here at WREN.

WREN Luau Party enjoy your summer in DTLA

Spacious Apartment Homes with Contemporary Designs

It may seem crazy, but the truth is that DTLA is flooded with apartments that do nothing for the imagination; boring, drab designs, microscopic layouts, and inefficient, inconvenient spaces are the norm around here. At WREN, we’re doing something different by offering apartments people actually want to live in, instead of apartments that residents can simply tolerate.

WREN’s Lofts


WREN’s Studios

WREN’s Studios DTLA

WREN’s 1 Bedrooms

WREN’s 1 Bedrooms DTLA

WREN’s 2 Bedrooms

WREN’s 2 Bedrooms DTLA

WREN’s 3 Bedrooms

WREN’s 3 Bedrooms DTLA

Modern Resident Services

Thoday’s apartment renters have come to expect more convenience out of their apartment community and we’re happy to oblige. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve made life a little easier at WREN:

Streamlined Guest and Delivery Access

Streamlined Guest and Delivery Access at WREN Apartments DTLA

Receiving deliveries and welcoming friends is a total cinch.

Super Convenient Package Delivery

Super Convenient Package Delivery at WREN Apartments DTLA

Thanks to Parcel Pending, you’ll never miss another package or delivery.

Forget the hassle of dry-cleaning

Hassle free dry-cleaning at WREN Apartments DTLA

Kiss the dreaded dry cleaning errand goodbye. WashBox provides onsite drycleaning pickup and delivery at WREN.

Amenities That DTLA Renters Actually Care About

Too many Apartments in DTLA provide amenities that do nothing to enhance the lives of their residents. At WREN, we wanted to provide our residents with a place to enjoy their life, not just a place to live. With that in mind, we included spacious apartment floor plans to maximize space and convenience, as well as a host of amenities to provide a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle.

An open, well-appointed fitness center and yoga studio at WREN Apartments DTLA

Indoor-outdoor rooftop decks with BBQs and fire pits at WREN Apartments DTLA

Large pool and spa with poolside cabana and lounge at WREN Apartments DTLA

Two gorgeous lobbies with coffee machines and a concierge at WREN Apartments DTLA

Business center with six co-working spaces at WREN Apartments DTLA

Conference room with tables and seating at WREN Apartments DTLA

Club lounge with games, TVs, and full-service kitchen at WREN Apartments DTLA

Private park at WREN Apartments DTLA

  • A sky bridge connecting our two signature buildings

A sky bridge connecting our two signature buildings of WREN Apartments DTLA

  • A porte-cochère and alley, which makes moving cars in and out a cinch

A porte-cochère and alley, which makes moving cars in and out a cinch at WREN Apartments DTLA

An onsite restaurant and bar (First Draft Taproom and Kitchen) in WREN Apartments DTLA

At WREN, we’re far more interested in providing a fantastic place to live than we are with simply filling units. Our philosophy of thoughtful living touches each and every aspect of this community. Remember, at WREN, you have more than a place to live, you have a place where you can enjoy life in DTLA.

If you want to learn more about our community or just get some general information on WREN, get in touch with us!