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South Park LA Is Getting a New Public Park!
January 8, 2018

South Park LA Is Getting a New Public Park!

This is big news, people! As you’ve probably noticed, Downtown LA, and the South Park neighborhood in particular, has been going through an amazing renaissance over the last several years. Major developments including soaring skyscrapers, gorgeous residential structures, and fantastic cultural centers have taken fun in the California sun to a whole other level. And soon, there’s going to be new green space that will improve the landscape of DTLA even more: South Grand Park. Mack Urban, the owner and developer of WREN’s South Park Luxury Apartments, is bringing a half-acre public park to the corner of 11th Street and Grand!

Here’s what you need to know…   

It’s in Line With the Overall Vision of South Park

Overall Vision of South Park LA

The South Park neighborhood has experienced a radical transformation that’s not only aimed at enhancing the lives of DTLA-ers who live and work in the area, but also contributing to the overall economic vibrancy of Downtown Los Angeles. With one of the highest population densities in LA, it’s no wonder that South Park has become a hub of expansion and progress. South Grand Park will rank among several other developments:

It’s a Newer Take on Grand Park

A Newer Take on South Grand Park LA

*image from Urbanize.LA

If you’re familiar with Grand Park in the Civic Center of DTLA, you know that it is a model metropolitan park with comparisons to New York’s Central Park. It’s an extremely pedestrian-friendly public space showcasing tree-lined walkways, vegetation, an interactive fountain, courtyards, seating, and performance spaces. It’s also easily accessible from the surrounding downtown streets. Many Angelenos consider it to be an essential urban oasis which has made it an inspiration for other park designs.  

The South Grand Park Streamlined Designs

The South Grand Park Streamlined Designs

*image from Curbed.LA

At this point, you may be wondering what we mean by “newer take”. The objective of the Mack Urban/AECOM Capital proposal is to incorporate elements that are similar to Grand Park but in a more streamlined fashion. Three concepts were presented, each of which had their own distinctive features. The final design utilizes various aspects of all the initial concepts to create a space that will best serve the community:

  • Lush landscaping
  • Gates and perimeter fence for safety
  • Water court and central paseo
  • Branch benches
  • Treehouse terrace
  • Restaurant terrace
  • Food court area
  • Boardwalk and garden deck

South Grand Park will complement the surrounding developments, which will include the grand Mack Urban mixed-use tower.

There’s a lot going on in WREN’s neck of the woods, and we couldn’t’ be happier as these changes help us to provide an incredible living experience. Our community benefits from the Mack Urban philosophy of Balanced Living. This means we’re not about overwhelming residents with expensive and unnecessary features. Instead, it’s about listening to what people really need and want in a home and executing designs accordingly. All aspects of WREN, from the two signature buildings and high-end amenities down to the apartment floorplans and finishing touches, were carefully selected help DTLA-ers thrive and connect to their City.

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