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Food Truck Tuesday at WREN in DTLA
October 20, 2017

Food Truck Tuesday at WREN in DTLA

No ifs, ands, or buts – the food trucks in DTLA are awesome. And, seeing how Los Angeles is pretty much where the food truck revolution started, it’s no wonder that there are now a ton of first-rate chefs that are absolutely killing it when it comes to mobile cuisine. That’s why we at WREN are proud to announce that we’re hosting something we call Food Truck Tuesday. As a special treat for residents, we welcome some of the best DTLA food trucks to park their wheels at WREN Apartments every Tuesday night.

It’s a scrumptious experience, and we’re here to officially spread the word! To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve decided to talk about the food trucks that have already graced us with their presence. Check ‘em out and give ‘em a follow on social media, and remember to check out Food Truck Tuesday in DTLA at WREN apartments.

Dat Cajun Truck

dat cajun truck DTLA foodtrucks

*image from Dat Cajun Truck’s Facebook

Gumbo, jambalaya, and po’ boys, oh my! For an authentic taste of Cajun street food, Dat Cajun Truck is the only choice. The owners are straight out of Louisiana, bringing the spice and flair of the South to hungry Los Angelenos. Surely, this will be one of the DTLA food trucks that’ll continue to haunt you (in a good way).

Burnt To A Crisp

burnt to a crisp DTLA foodtrucks

*image from burnt to a crip’s facebook

A little slice of Texas, anyone? Burnt To A Crisp Chefs Phil Leggett and Chris Menard know barbecue, and they get their delectable meats right from The Lone Star State. If smokehouse BBQ is your weakness, these guys will have you down on your knees.

Hummus Yummy

hummus yummy DTLA foodtrucks

*image from hummus yummy’s facebook

The rise of hummus in the United States has been astonishing, but you have to make sure you find someone that does it right. Enter Hummus Yummy. Their hummus is made fresh daily, and they offer a wide array of delectable dishes.

Surfin Sumo

Surfin Sumo DTLA foodtrucks

*image from Surfin Sumo’s Facebook

Surfin Sumo accurately declares that you’ll experience “love at first taste”. Not many DTLA food trucks, if any, can legitimately boast that they serve up inventive Pacific Polynesian cuisine that’s to die for.

Big Cheese

The big cheese DTLA foodtrucks

*image from the big cheese’s instagram

Everyone loves cheese, and that love grows so much deeper when you sink your teeth into a cheesy, gooey, mind-blowing gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. Just to give you a preview of the Big Cheese truck – Mindoro Blue Cheese fig spread, walnuts, and honey on multigrain. If we had a mic, we’d drop it.

Alegría Gourmet Food Truck

Algeria foodtruck Tuesday DTLA

*Image from Algeria Foodtruck’s facebook

The chefs of Alegría Gourmet Food Truck are self-proclaimed “Professional Foodies”. We’re here to other-person-proclaim them as the same. Every Mexican-American dish served by Alegría is healthy, organic, chemical free, and locally sourced. Oh, and delicious. We can’t stress that enough – deeeeelicious.

Slangin Corea

Slangin Corea DTLA foodtrucks

*image from Slangin Corea’s yelp page

Korean-Mexican fusion. We’ll say that again – Korean. Mexican. Fusion. If there was an official list of spectacular DTLA food trucks, Slangin Corea would be on it. Seriously, read the reviews and you’ll be convinced.

Sugo Italiano

sugo italiano DTLA foodtrucks

*image from Sugo Italiano’s facebook

The chefs of Sugo Italiano are extremely passionate about food and it shows. The traditional Italian fare is a favorite of DTLA-ers, so much so that they say they’re genuinely in love with the food. We feel the same and have been shopping for an engagement ring. Point is – the food rocks.

Don’t Leave Us Just Yet…

Is your mouth watering? Understandable. But, before you run out to fill your belly, we just want to give a shout out to Gourmet Stops for making Food Truck Tuesday possible. Gourmet Stops works super hard to help DTLA food trucks share their craft with all of Orange County and LA.

Also, there are so many more food trucks that are coming our way, so make sure to give us a follow on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Just so you know, Food Truck Tuesday is just one of the many things WREN does for its residents. In addition to comfortable, stylish, and contemporary apartment homes, we also feature amenities that perfectly suit a DTLA-er’s health, social, and professional needs.

If you’re hungry for an apartment community that truly knows you, check out WREN Apartments today!