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DTLA Restaurant Update 2018: The Best New Spots Near WREN
April 16, 2018

DTLA Restaurant Update 2018: The Best New Spots Near WREN

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It’s time to eat, y’all! Just when you thought the DTLA restaurant scene couldn’t get any better, a new wave of culinary masters has recently descended upon our beloved City of Angels. How do we know this? Well, it just so happens that tons of fantastic spots have opened near WREN’s new South Park apartments within the last couple of months. So, if you’re looking for a spectacular bite to eat, make sure to head on over to our neck of the woods and check these out:

Takasan Japanese Bowls


*image from LaDowntowner.com

Located in the Financial District, you’ll find Takasan Japanese Bowls with its fast and casual facade; however, don’t let that fool you — it’s a legit DTLA restaurant serving up authentic and delicious Japanese donburi (aka rice bowls). The flavors are big, the portions are perfect, and the prices are affordable. It might just end up your favorite lunch spot.



*image from Beelman’s Facebook

Many DTLA-ers argue that Beelman’s serves some of the best vegan comfort food in town. Favorites include Tachos, Wonton Mee Bites, and the Viet-nom-nom Wrap. Plus, they have a pretty great beer and cocktail list. (If you’re a fan of pickleback shots, Beelman’s might become a good friend.)

NoMad Lobby and Mezzanine


*image from the Nomad’s Instagram

Less than a mile from WREN’s new South Park apartments and located within the historic Giannini Place building is the gorgeous and luxurious NoMad Hotel. Here, you’ll find more than one must-visit DTLA restaurant operated by esteemed chef Daniel Humm:

  1. The NoMad Mezzanine is a fine dining experience featuring incredible New American cuisines such as suckling pig and foie gras with pear, black onion, and red walnuts.

The NoMad Lobby is a more casual spot with cocktails to die for, and a menu showcasing delectable dishes like a dry-aged beef burger, Chicken Milanese, and a gourmet hot dog with black truffle and celery.

The Dolly Lama


*Image from The Dolly Lama’s Instagram

This isn’t your grandfather’s ice cream shop! The Dolly Lama specializes in mind-blowing made-to-order waffles and ice cream. The 10 scrumptious sauces, nearly 30 toppings, and 8 tasty ice cream flavors are perfect accompaniments to The Dolly Lama’s traditional waffles, waffle sticks, and bubble waffles. For example, you can explore the bubble waffle with red velvet ice cream, malt balls, marshmallows, and Nutella (just a suggestion).

LiOrient Asian Bar & Lounge


*image from LiOrient’s Facebook

LiOrient Asian Bar & Lounge is a fairly new DTLA restaurant but has already made a name for itself with its delightful pork, crab, and truffle XLB (aka soup dumplings). Other yummy dishes that have also built a reputation include orange chicken and black pepper duck. The name of the game here is fast service, but it doesn’t take away from an elegant atmosphere.

South City Fried Chicken


*image from South City Fried Chicken’s Facebook

You don’t have to travel to the Southern part of the country for some heavenly fried chicken — you just have to walk a mile from WREN’s new South Park apartments! People from all over are falling in love with the deliciously tender and juicy fried chicken sandwiches at South City Fried Chicken. Most diehard regulars will agree that the Birmingham (loaded with cheddar, horseradish chimichurri, and hickory smoked onions) is the must-try at this DTLA restaurant.



*image from Ebaes Facebook

Quality sushi and ramen can be hard to come by, so we’re ecstatic that we have EBaes just a couple miles from our DTLA apartments. Just about every roll is fabulous, but the favorite is often the original ramen with coconut milk. They also have a grab and go counter so you can still have a terrific lunch or dinner if you’re running around like a madman/madwoman.

Inko Nito


*image from Inko Nito’s Instagram

As soon as you walk into Inko Nito and see the massive grill in the middle of the dining area, you know something special is about to happen. This DTLA restaurant is Korean and Japanese at its best! Various meat and fish dishes are grilled to perfection by skilled chefs. But, that’s not to say that the sushi rolls and veggies aren’t fantastic (because they are). You know what? Just try it all.

East Garden

*image from East Garden’s website

Fortunately, for the foodies at WREN, South Park and Chinatown are pretty close to each other. This means mouthwatering Chinese food is a hop, skip, and a jump away. The Hong Kong Style fare at East Garden is phenomenal and one of the best parts — they don’t skimp on the portions. Everything is awesome here, but word on the street is that no other DTLA restaurant does Singapore noodles like East Garden does.

We know it might be hard to believe that all of these culinary treasures are so close to WREN, but we promise it’s true! WREN has an amazing location in the heart of downtown LA. In addition to the sensational cuisine, we’re also near parks, shops, entertainment, cultural centers, and the hottest LA nightlife spots.  

What’s also impressive about WREN is that when residents aren’t discovering a world-class city, they’re able to retreat to a community that fosters an extraordinary living experience. With two signature buildings and first-rate amenities such as an on-site restaurant, private park, two indoor/outdoor rooftop decks, pool and poolside cabana, business center,  conference room, and fully-appointed resident club lounge, we’ve built a reputation as one of the preeminent apartment communities in LA. Not to mention, all these features complement our roomy, modern, and luxurious apartment homes. We work to make DTLA-ers feel like there’s nowhere else they’d rather live, work, and play.

We’re confident that you’d feel right at home with WREN! Drop our leasing agents a line to find out why our DTLA apartments are a perfect fit for you!