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The 7 Best Spots for Happy Hour in South Park, LA
July 21, 2017

The 7 Best Spots for Happy Hour in South Park, LA

The 7 Best Spots for Happy Hour in South Park, LA

Happy Hour. Just the sound of it puts a smile on our faces. It is that time of the day where there is no more talking about work, where drinks are cheap, and where the sun is shining and the South Park neighborhood in Downtown LA is showing itself as a hotbed for some of the best Happy Hour spots around. So today, let’s recap the 7 Best Happy Hours Spots in South Park, LA.

#1 – Bunker Hill Bar and Grill

Bunker Hill Bar and Grill 15 minute walk from WREN Apartments in South Park

*Image from Bunker Hill Bar and Grill’s Facebook

A short 15 minute walk from WREN Apartments in South Park lies one of our favorite Happy Hour spots in all of LA, not just Downtown! This semi-fancy sports bar and grill offers cheap and absolutely amazing (Truffle Mac-n-Cheese where are talking to you) food options, as well as an extensive list of discounted beers and cocktails. Head over there and found out just how great it is for yourself!

#2 – Cafe Pinot

Cafe Pinot South Park, LA

*Image from Cafe Pinot’s Facebook

$4 beers, $8 cocktails, and a Gin and Tonic Garden Bar… what more can you possibly ask for? Alright, they do have amazing food as well and a super fun atmosphere, but honestly you are probably already headed there as soon as you heard Gin and Tonic Garden Bar. Don’t take our word for it. Go!

#3 – Lucky Strike Lanes

Lucky Strike Lanes 10 minute walk from WREN Apartments South Park, LA

*Image from Lucky Strike LA’s Facebook page

First of all, we are a bit bias. We absolutely love this place. A short 10 minute walk from our home here in South Park at WREN Apartments lies Lucky Strike Lanes, an amazing 18 lane bowling alley featuring a live DJ and tons of drink options. We venture over to there often and think you should too!

#4 – Tom’s Urban

Tom’s Urban South Park Downtown LA

*Image from Tom’s Urban Facebook page

Located smack dab in the heart of South Park Downtown LA, this spot is right next to the Staples Center and LA Live and provides endless options to take your Happy Hour special long into the night. Featuring cheap drinks, big tvs, and fantastic food options, Tom’s Urban is and will remain a classic fixture in the Downtown LA Happy Hour landscape for years to come. Thanks, Tom!

#5 – Triple 8 China Bar and Grill

Triple 8 China Bar and Grill South Park Downtown LA

*Image from Triple 8 China Bar & Grill’s Facebook

Triple 8 China Bar and Grill offers one of the longest and most extensive Happy Hours in South Park Downtown LA on our list. Happy Hour starts at 3 pm and goes till 7pm and then it starts all over again at 10pm and goes until close! What more possibly needs to be said other try the Mt. Rushmore cocktail. $6 and absolutely delicious!

#6 – La Cita Bar

La Cita Bar Downtown LA

*Image from La Cita’s Facebook

On the contrary to the sunny, worry free Happy Hour afternoon in Downtown LA, we find ourselves at La Cita for Angry Hour. The ugly cousin to Happy Hour does look so ugly when you frame it as every Friday afternoon from 4 pm – 9 pm and featuring $4 well drinks, imports, $3 Tecate beers, and FREE PIZZA. Did you hear that? FREE PIZZA!

#7 – Broken Spanish

Broken Spanish 10 minutes walk from WREN Apartments

*Image from Broken Spanish’s Facebook Page

Last but certainly not least we find ourselves at Broken Spanish. An amazing, high quality spot in South Park LA that comes from the brain of Ray Garcia, a traditionally trained chef specializing in Spanish cooking. Their dishes and menu are bold and delicious and their fancy and absolutely amazing cocktails at very reasonable prices, this place is a must try in Downtown LA and at a short 10 minute walk from our home at WREN Apartments, you’ll probably end up finding yourself here often.

There it is! Our list of the 8 best spots for Happy Hour in South Park in Downtown LA. Sometimes we all need a little Happy Hour and here at WREN, we expect to see you at one of these spots shortly because who doesn’t love a little Happy Hour? We have talked about topics like this in the past here at WREN and we will continue to in the future, as we are a part of the community here in South Park. We look forward to updating this list in the future as new places spring up.

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