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The 5 Best Upscale DTLA restaurants Near WREN Apartments
February 15, 2017

The 5 Best Upscale DTLA restaurants Near WREN Apartments

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The best part about living in South Park DTLA is all the amazing food. It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a fantastic restaurant helmed by an amazing chef who’s aiming to blaze a new culinary trail. There’s so much to enjoy, the food trucks, the bars & nightlife scene, the amazing eateries…it’s all here, ready and waiting for you to enjoy, and at WREN Apartments, it’s our goal to share the flavor of South Park with as many as humanly possible, so make sure to check back on our blog in the future for all things DTLA. In the meantime, if you’re bouncing around South Park DTLA looking for an epic place to eat, we’ve got five spots you’ve got to try.

1. Faith & Flower

Faith & Flower LA

Faith & Flower is a modern DTLA restaurant located in the WaterMarke Tower that is redefining californian cuisine. The restaurant does a good job honoring the historical context of the area, playing homage to the both the 1920s and modern day, eras that have done a lot to shape South Park and the greater DTLA community, through their both their name and their offerings. Flower is the street that the restaurant is on today, Faith is what it was named in the 1920s. Overall, Faith and Flower is an impressive spot that cleverly balances old and new, featuring a wood-fired oven, a pristine raw bar, and an unbelievable drink selection. Plus, they do it all,  brunch, lunch and dinner.


  • The Deviled Jidori Eggs
  • The English Milk Punch

2. WP24 by Wolfgang Puck

WP24 by Wolfgang Puck DTLA

WP24 is Wolfgang Puck’s new DTLA restaurant located in the Ritz-Carlton at L.A. Live that’s, you guessed it, 24 stories up from the streets of South Park DTLA. Featuring Wolfgang’s award-winning modern Chinese cuisine that’s won him both acclaim and household recognition, WP24 does a great job of embodying his passion for Asian ingredients and techniques. But at WP24, you come for the food and the brand recognition, but you stay for the experience. The amazing cuisine is complimented by an amazing bar featuring over 400 different wine labels, immaculate service, a fantastic atmosphere, and awe-inspiring views of the city that’ll have you whipping out your phones for an instagram opportunity.


  • The Singaporean Beef Puffs
  • Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs
  • Any one of the 400 wine’s available

3. Otium

Otium Downtown LA

Otium is the brainchild of Chef Timothy Hollingsworth. Drawing from Hollingsworth’s diverse culinary background, Otium was designed as a social space, with an open-kitchen layout that seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces. An exemplary DTLA restaurant Otium aims to focus on the quality of food, first and foremost, with the backdrop of a casual atmosphere and warm service. The Menu aims for an eclectic mix of seasonal flavors, utilizing wood fire cooking along with sustainable ingredients grown right at Otium. They do a little bit of everything, from japanese-inspired small plates, to french desserts, but Chef Hollingsworth’s genius with Otium is that he’s able to make all these disparate inspirations come together into a cohesive set of offerings, all of which are incredibly delicious. Plus, they do brunch, lunch, dinner, and select menus for special occasions, like this upcoming Valentine’s Day.


  • The French Toast Donabe (Brunch)
  • Hamachi
  • Bartender’s Choice Cocktail (always on point)  

4. Church & State

Church & State DTLA

One of the first restaurants to open in the now bustling Arts District of DTLA, Church & State is now regarded as the preeminent French Bistro in DTLA and has been ranked among the best DTLA restaurants for six years running. Helmed by Michelin award-winning chef Tony Esnault, Church & State provides classic French food with modern updates using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality along with amazingly crafted cocktails. Located in the old Nabisco factory building, Church & State has become a DTLA institution, and certainly not a spot to be missed if you’re searching for a memorable meal in South Park DTLA.  


  • Escargot With Puff Pastry
  • Os a Moelle – aka – roasted bone marrow, with a marinated radish salad.
  • Golden Goose Cocktail

5. Perch

Perch Downtown LA

Affectionately known as one of the most ‘instagrammed’ of DTLA restaurants, Perch features an iconic rooftop bar and lounge located on the 15th floor of Pershing Square building. Lead by Chef Gerado Benitez, Perch provides a whimsical take on classic french food utilizing only the freshest seasonal ingredients available. To be clear, Perch is certainly an upscale DTLA eatery, but they also value a fun, lively atmosphere. True to it’s name, Perch provides a particularly special vantage point onto DTLA – rooftop 16 floors up that offers an unparalleled 360 degree view of the surrounding area. Plus they do live music, along with after-dinner DJ’s that are sure to keep the vibe up throughout the evening.


  • Little Bunny Frou Frou (Rabbit Ravioli)
  • Short Rip with Pureed Potatoes
  • The Writer’s Block cocktail.

If you’re looking for a fantastic and memorable meal in or around South Park, DTLA, these 5 spots certainly give you a lot to work with. DTLA is known for it’s collection of innovative and exciting restaurants which provide an updated rendition on classic favorites. Each of the restaurants we’ve highlighted here fully embody that spirit of adventure while still honoring what came before – Upscale DTLA cuisine at it’s finest.

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